Stop Crape Murder!!

A question I get every spring is how do I prune my Crape myrtles to keep them healthy and bloom abundant.   The first thing to know is Crape myrtles do not have to be pruned at all. They will still bloom. In truth, a crape myrtle will forgive almost any pruning method. However, severe pruning leads to lush and rampant growth, which can exacerbate disease and insect problems.

Here are a few tips to prevent Crape Murder!!!

1. Remove sprouts near the ground and along the trunk(s).

2. Remove interior sprouts that travel “crosswise” inside the top of the “tree”. Most of those you leave should be vertical or leaning   towards the outside.

3. Shorten all long arching sprouts back to the point where they are one-half to one-fourth inch in diameter. You will have no dry flower heads left on the plant and it will have a nice “ice cream cone” shape – ready to bloom this summer.

4. If you have a shrub-form crape myrtle, simply shape it as desired. Remember that it grows vigorously in summer. If you want it to be six feet high, prune back to 4 – 5 feet in winter to allow for new growth.

Good Luck!!!

This is what we are shooting for.


Helpful Tips

Crape Murder!!!


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