Fiddler on a Green Roof

As the nation embraces sustainable design the new headquarters of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) puts its money where its mouth is. A new Green Roof Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, a nationally known landscape architect with offices in Cambridge and New York created the concept at 636 Eye St. NW, not far from the Capitol.

This roof is a far cry from the typical (There is life on the moon!!)  Green roof constructed of sparsely planted sedum mulched with attractive and inviting gravel.  This roof is three-dimensional. As you emerge from a stairway onto the roof, you find yourself standing between two green mounds, each about 8 feet high covered with plants including flame sumac, trumpet vine, pasture rose, purple lovegrass, nodding onion, and thread-leaved tickseed. Underfoot a light aluminum grating  floats over a field of, sedum, just inches from your feet this is truly a new visual perspective.  The roof is as much about sustainability as it is about an outdoor usable space, a space that on one of the hottest day in Washington last year was 30 degrees cooler then the little black roof top next door. 

Here are a few other Green Roof Projects in Washington to check out

Exploaded view of roof top

Asla's new green roof

One of the hillsides


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