The Artful Window Box

One of my favorite garden expression’s take place at that connection between the inside of the home and the outdoors, the window box.  These architecturally significant little highlights on the façade of a home can drastically add to the character and intimacy of the garden.  They are enjoyed both from inside the home and in the garden.  They often give insight into the style of the home owner, formal and evergreen or multi-colored and whimsical.  When planning to purchase a window box I suggest going for quality of construction and make sure they fit the style and scale of your home.  Window boxes can be broken down into two styles, “French” which is a frame that holds individuals flower pots and “Traditional” which is a planter where soils and plants are added as one complete element.   When selecting plant material use plants of different heights along with trailing plants to add depth and dimension. Mix herbs with your flowering plants to add fragrance and functionality.   Window boxes in the Washington DC area can be year round accents, Use pansies in the spring, summer annuals after May 1st, fall annuals in early October and evergreens in the winter. 

Here are a few great plants to make your window box a success

  • Lantana,  Creeping
  • Jenny
  • Sweet Potato Vine,
  • Impatiens
  • Coleus                                                  
  • Caladiums
  • Bacopa                                                
  •  Angelonia
  • Wave Petunias                                 
  • Vinca Vine
  • Verbena                                              
  • Swedish Ivy

    The Traditional Window Box


Use a planter as a window box!

Mix texture and color

Scale is important, this works!!



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